5 Easy Ways To Know That Your Cat Loves You

Cats can’t always run to the door with their tails wagging when you get home like dogs, but they have many other ways in which they show their love. If you can speak the language of a cat, you can let him know how you are feeling and strengthen your bond in the process. Here are 5 ways to know that your cat loves you.

  1. Raising Their Tail

Cats communicate a lot about how they feel by holding their tails. A low tail is a sign of insecurity, whereas a puffy tail is a sign of fear and anxiety. However, a tail is raised into the air or ending in a question mark is a sign of joy and happiness. When your cat walks around with its tail raised proudly, they are glad and happy to be by your side.

  1. Cat Follow You Everywhere

Some cats are so attached to their owners that they are almost as if imprinted on you. If your cat follows you like a little duckling, this is a clear sign of love, and you are one of a happy cat owner.


  1. Grooming

Cat grooming is often a sign of affection. Mother cats take care of their kittens, and sibling cats often groom each other. If your cat is trying to care for you, this is because they consider you to be a part of their family. Grooming is a social activity that expresses affection and shared trust in the cat world.


  1. The Cat Is Sleeping With You

Cats enjoy the joy of sleep, so it isn’t surprising that your cat wants to share it with you. Cats often find a way on tiptoe in their sleep, curling up between the sheets and blankets, adding their warmth for cozy comfort.


  1. The Cat Do Head Bunting

Cats love to “mark” their territory by rubbing their cheeks, head, and body against something that they claim to belong to them. So, therefore, if the kitten is bunting head your hand or rubbing against the leg, that’s the way the cat is claiming you as their own.


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